Airport Link - Akun Island


The City of Akutan, located on Akutan Island in the eastern Aleutians, is isolated due to limited transportation connections. The City is accessible only by boat or helicopter service to the airport on Akun Island. Previously, the only commercial aircraft serving Akutan was the 65-year old amphibious Grumman Goose aircraft.  The Goose accommodated a maximum of eight passengers, and minimal freight, per flight. The aircraft was limited to visual flight rules and could land only in the water of Akutan Bay. Flights were frequently canceled due to inclement weather. Hovercraft service provided by the Aleutians East Borough proved too expensive for continued operations. The AEB now provides helicoper service between Akutan and the Akun airport.

Purpose of the Akutan Airport Local Area Plan

The purpose of the Akutan A-LAP is to determine a future vision for the land surrounding the Airport that:  

  • Establishes a balance of the interest and needs of the area residents and businesses within the project boundaries. 
  • Guides development and improvements in the area while protecting the Airport from the development of incompatible land uses.

  • Identifies the preferred locations and types of land uses without a specific identification or evaluation of the developments that will take place. 
  • Sets the stage for future development. Once the A-LAP is finalized, additional planning steps will take place in the community, and environmental and engineering evaluation will be required on a development-by-development basis.